#Art For Humanity – Beautify The World

“Welcome to #ArtForHumanity, where art and compassion meet. As part of our mission, we’re offering you a unique chance to support humanitarian work while celebrating art.

If you wish to be a part of this initiative, here’s how:

When you make a donation of at least $50 or 25% of the price of your intended art purchase (whichever is less) to LDS Humanitarian Services or artforhumanity.org, you will receive a 40% discount on my artwork from DonaldKeithFineArt

Following your donation, please email a picture of your donation receipt to artforhumanity@donaldkeith.com.

Then, verify your donation by clicking on the button below labeled ‘I Have Made a Donation.’ Upon your verification, you’ll be guided to a second page where your discount code awaits you.

But remember, you don’t have to make a purchase or a donation right now to be part of # ArtForHumanity. Your voice has power, and we invite you to use it by sharing our initiative.

Even if you’re not ready to donate or purchase art today, you can still make a significant impact by:

  1. Sharing our website or this page on your social media, along with a brief note about why you support #ArtForHumanity.
  2. Talking about our initiative with your friends, family, and colleagues and encouraging them to explore our website.
  3. Showing your support by using our #ArtForHumanity logo on your social media profiles, even if it’s just for a day.

Every share, every conversation counts. The more people we can reach with # ArtForHumanity, the greater our collective impact will be.

Together, we can transform the world, one artwork at a time.”

‘I Have Made a Donation and emailed a picture of the receipt. I am ready for my 40% Discount code.’

If you want to know why we support The Church of Jesus Christ Philanthropies ( formerly The LDS Humanitarian Fund) click here for a brief overview

What if you feel that you love my art and the cause but just cannot afford it? In that case, you can get a high quality .jpg from me, take it to Walmart or CVS or Walgreens and get a cheap print. Just tell me exactly which image you want and then email that info plus a picture of your of $25 or more to Giving Opportunities | Philanthropies (churchofjesuschrist.org) and I’ll send you the jpg that is high enough quality to create a print up to 36×24 inches Following your donation, please email a picture of your donation receipt to artforhumanity@donaldkeith.com

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