Art For Humanity – You’re Helping The World

“Thank you for your honor and generosity. By supporting #ArtForHumanity, you’re making a significant difference in both the art world and humanitarian efforts.

As promised, here is your discount code: EBKKFC. You can use this at the checkout on my DonaldKeithFineArt to receive a 40% discount on your purchase.

Remember, to use the code, just add your favorite piece to your cart and enter the discount code in the ‘Apply Coupon’ section at checkout.

Your participation has made this initiative more accessible to fellow art and humanity lovers. We couldn’t be more grateful for your honesty and support.

Now, we have an important request. Whether you’re purchasing today or not, we would be deeply grateful if you could spread the word about #ArtForHumanity. Sharing our message helps us reach more people who can make a difference, just like you.

It’s simple to share:

  1. On your social media profiles, share the link to our initiative along with a few words about why it matters to you. Be sure to use the hashtag #ArtForHumanity.
  2. In person or via messages, tell your friends, family, and colleagues about our initiative. Encourage them to visit our website to learn more.
  3. Consider setting our #ArtForHumanity logo as your social media profile picture for a day or a week to show your support and raise awareness.
  4. Browse our art for you or share with others: DonaldKeithFineArt

Remember, every share counts. The more people know about #ArtForHumanity, the greater impact we can make.

Thank you again for being a part of our mission to transform the world, one artwork at a time.”

If you want to know why we support The Church of Jesus Christ Philanthropies ( formerly The LDS Humanitarian Fund) click here for a brief overview

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