Best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing

Woryou’re plugins can be an invaluable tool if you want to expand your affiliate revenue. With the right combination of WordPress plugins, you can maximize and increase your income with virtually no effort or investment-it’s no wonder these tools are so popular investment it’s entrepreneurs.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best WordPress plugins for ‘alliance marketing that can take your efforts to the next level and help you stay ahead of the competition in this ever-expanding niche market.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting in your marketing, these easy-to-use tools will keep your site up and running with minimal expense. Ready to get started? Read on!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Affiliates offer an affiliate’s-unique URL that tracks referrals from the affiliate and pays the affiliate commission for referred sales.

Can I Use WordPress for Affiliate Marketing?

Yes! WordPress is an incredibly versatile platform for affiliate marketing. You can easily customize a website with various themes, plugins, and more. 

Several plugins are specifically designed for affiliate marketing, which makes setting up your WordPress site for affiliate marketing even easier.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin for Your Site

Choosing the best WordPress plugin for your affiliate marketing needs can be daunting. So many plugins are available on the market, each with unique features and benefits. To ensure you select the right plugin for your site, consider a few key considerations.

First, look at the features and capabilities of the plugin. Does it offer everything you need for successful affiliate marketing? Does it have good tracking and reporting tools? 

Will the plugin integrate with your existing marketing and analytics platforms? These are all important questions to ask before selecting a plugin.

Next, consider the pricing of the plugin. Is it affordable for your budget? Are there additional fees or hidden costs associated with using the plugin? It’s also important to ensure you’ll be able to receIt’ssupport and updates when you’ll.

Finally, look at user reviews and ratings of the plugin. What do others say about their experience using the plugin? 

Are there any complaints or concerns you should be aware of? These reviews can be a great way to get an unbiased perspective of the plugin before deciding.

By taking the time to consider each of these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the best WordPress plugin for your affiliate marketing needs.

7 Best WordPress Plugins for affiliate marketing in 2023

There are numerous WordPress plugins available for affiliate marketing. However, here are the 13 best plugins that you should consider in 2023:

1. Pretty Links:

Pretty Links is one of the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. It allows you to easily create, manage and track your affiliate links from one central location. 

It also has helpful features such as link cloaking, automatic URL redirection, analytics, and more.

With Pretty Links, you can easily manage and monitor your affiliate links, helping you to maximize your revenue from affiliate marketing.

Key Features for Pretty Links:

– Automatically cloaks and redirects affiliate links

– Tracks clicks, impressions, referrers, and more

– Generates QR codes for your affiliate links

– Integrates with Google Analytics for additional tracking

– Offers powerful URL Shortening capabilities

– Highly customizable and user-friendly interface

 Pretty Links Pricing: 

A free Lite version or Beginner Pro is available for $99.50/year. The output language code is EN.

2. Thirsty Affiliates 

Thirsty Affiliates is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. The plugin allows you to easily manage your affiliate links, cloak them to make them more user-friendly, and track their performance.

With its simple link insertion tools and customization options, you can easily create links and place them in posts and pages, as well as in widgets, custom fields, and more. 

You can also add tracking parameters to your affiliate links to monitor their performance.

Additionally, Thirsty Affiliates offers an analytics widget to track link clicks and view conversion statistics within WordPress. 

This makes it easy to track your affiliate links in one place and make sure you are getting the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Key Features for Thirsty Affiliates: 

– Easily manage and cloak affiliate links.

– Add tracking parameters to links for analytics.

– Generate short URLs for better usability.

– Insert links into posts, pages, widgets, custom fields, and more.

– View conversion statistics and track link clicks with the analytics widget.

– Integrates with popular WordPress ecommerce plugins.

Thirsty Affiliates Pricing: 

Starting at only $79.50/year, you can enjoy our language output code in English.

3. AdSanity 

AdSanity is a powerful WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. It enables you to manage your affiliate banners, ads, and track clicks from visitors. It also lets you set up rotating banners, autoload banners, and track ad impressions.

You can also customize the look of your affiliate ads with CSS to blend in with your website design. AdSanity is a great choice for those looking to take their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level.

It also has extensive documentation and support, making it easy to start with the plugin.

Key Features for AdSanity:

– Create and manage affiliate banners easily

– Autoload banner ads and rotate banners

– Customize the look of your affiliate ads with CSS

– Track ad impressions and clicks

– Comprehensive documentation and support

AdSanity Pricing: 

We are offering a lifetime deal along with our yearly subscription for $59.

4. AffiliateWP 

AffiliateWP is the best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. The plugin provides full integration with all popular WordPress themes and plugins, enabling you to build a powerful and successful affiliate program for your site.

AffiliateWP has easy-to-use features such as built-in tracking, reporting, payment gateways, etc. It is easy to set up and manage, making it the perfect choice for any website to increase affiliate revenues.

AffiliateWP also provides comprehensive support and documentation, helping you maximize the effectiveness of your affiliate program.

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable plugin to manage your affiliate program, AffiliateWP is the best WordPress plugin.  

It will help you get the most out of your aff. It’s a program that boosts your earnings.  

Key Features for AffiliateWP:

– Automatically generates referral links for affiliates

– Reports on affiliate activity

– Integrates with major payment gateways

– Includes a variety of customizations for the program

– Built-in tracking & reporting

– Comprehensive support and documentation

AffiliateWP Pricing: 

The price starts at $149.50 per year for an output language code of EN.

5. EasyAffiliate 

EasyAffiliate is a comprehensive and easy-to-use WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. It provides all the features needed to quickly set up and manage a program on your WordPress website.

It allows you to easily create custom campaign URLs, add affiliate banners and links, track referrals and clicks, and manage payments. 

EasyAffiliate also offers powerful reporting features to monitor your program’s performance.

Additionally, it integrates the program’s payment gateways and affiliate networks. With EasyAffiliate, you can ensure that your program will run smoothly and your affiliates are rewarded for their efforts.

Key Features for EasyAffiliate:

– Create custom campaigns with unlimited targeting options

– Integrates with popular payment gateways and affiliate networks

– Powerful reporting features to monitor performance

– Easily manage payments and rewards for your affiliates

– Automatically track referrals and clicks

EasyAffiliate Pricing: 

The annual price begins at $99.50; the language code used is EN.

6. Affiliates By itching

Another great WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing is Affiliates by Itthinx. This robust plugin lets you easily set up an affiliate program on your WordPress website.

It lets you manage individual affiliate accounts and commissions, provides promotional materials for affiliates, integrates with most eCommerce plugins and payment gateways, and offers detailed reporting.

It also features extensive customization options to tailor your affiliate program to fit your needs. 

Additionally, Affiliates by Itthinx provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to manage, even for those without technical experience.

Key Features for Affiliates By itching:

– Easy to set up and use

– Robust reporting features

– Integrates with most eCommerce plugins and payment gateways

– Offers extensive customization options

– Intuitive user interface

– Comprehensive promotional materials for affiliates to use.

Affiliates By itching Pricing: 


7. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is one of the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. It allows you to create an effective and easy-to-manage affiliate program for your online store.

With this plugin, you can track the sales and traffic generated by your affiliates in real time and reward them accordingly for their efforts.

This plugin also comes with a wide range of features, such as customizable registration forms, customizable commission rates, automatic referral link generation, and more.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is a great choice for businesses looking to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts.

Key Features for YITH WooCommerce Affiliates:

– Customizable registration forms

– Automatic referral link generation

– Automated notifications for affiliates

– Detailed analytics and reporting tools

– Customizable commission rates

– User-friendly dashboard for managing affiliates

– Easy to configure and use

Affiliates By YITH WooCommerce Affiliates:



Is WordPress the best for affiliate marketing?

WordPress is a powerful and popular platform for creating websites, and it can be an excellent choice for affiliate marketing. With the right plugins, setting up an affiliate program, tracking your performance, and maximizing your earnings is easy.

How to affiliate marketing WordPress?

Affiliate marketing with WordPress requires selecting the right plugins, setting up an affiliate program, tracking performance metrics, and optimizing campaigns for increased profitability. 

WordPress offers a variety of plugins, allowing you to create an efficient and effective affiliate marketing program. Utilizing these tools can help maximize your profits when done correctly.

Can I do affiliate marketing on free WordPress?

Yes, it is possible to do affiliate marketing on a free WordPress site. With the right plugins and tools, you can easily set up an affiliate program, track performance metrics, and optimize campaigns for increased profitability. WordPress’s wide range of plugins offers the best solutions for successful affiliate marketing on a free WordPress.


This article has helped you understand the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. 

Installing and configuring the right plugin can help you set up a successful affiliate program, increase traffic to your website, and turn visitors into customers.

With the right combination of plugins, you can maximize the effectiveness of your affiliate program and significantly increase your income.

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