Restaurant Art

Discover Art, Savor Cuisine, and Save with Our Restaurant Art Display Program

Brighten Your Day, Enrich Your Life and Support Local Artistic Talent

Welcome to the Restaurant Art Display Program.

An innovative collaboration between Donald Keith FineArtAmerica and select restaurants. Enjoy mouthwatering dishes and stunning art while getting exclusive discounts on our displayed art pieces.

Good Art Can Brighten Your Day And Enrich Your Life

Let Our Art and Photography Put A Smile On Your Face

Benefits for Restaurant Customers

Dine, Save, and Delight in Art

⚪Enjoy a 10% discount on our art displayed in participating restaurants.

⚪Unlock a 10% discount on our FineArtAmerica website with a simple email and photo.

⚪Here is How To Get Your Discounts :

  • Get a 10% discount on our art displayed for sale within our participating restaurants. Simply mention the promotion at the time of purchase to receive the discount.
  • To get a 10% discount on our art on, send an email to with “Art10” in the subject line.
  • In the same email, take a photo of yourself dining at the restaurant or your receipt and send it to us to receive a discount code. This discount code grants you a 10% discount on any of our art purchased on our FineArtAmerica website during the current month and the next month

Benefits for Art Buyers

Expand Your Collection and Support Local Artists

⚪Physically enjoy new art pieces while dining at your favorite restaurants

⚪Take advantage of exclusive discounts and special offers as outlined above.

Benefits for Restaurant Owners

Enhance Your Ambiance and Boost Your Business

⚪Attract more customers with stunning art displays

⚪Earn commissions from art sales through our consignment program.

Unique Table Art Displays

Experience one-of-a-kind table art displays at participating restaurants, featuring Donald Keith’s finest creations. Each table showcases a different masterpiece, making your dining experience truly memorable

Testimonials and success stories

Real Stories from Happy Customers and Participating Restaurants

“I love the arts I got. They are beautiful. Thank you so much”


“I really love all of them I got but the big house in the mountains is perfect for my living room”


“The horse art one I got looks great but we are all so pleased with the fantastic job you did with restoring and coloring the two family pictures . Thank you, Thank you”


Participating Restaurants

Discover New Art and Enjoy Great Food

506 N Main St, Sweeny, TX 77480, United States.

C Chum’s Seafood has been owned and operated since 2018  by a friendly couple “PK” and wife Venny who are incredible cooks. .. They have an amazing menu of mixed cuisine. Come on in. You will not be disappointed!

Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers! Have a delightful dining experience while discovering and supporting local art.

When asked “How do you make this amazing art?”, Donald’s answer is:

When it comes to creating my art, the process typically begins with a source of inspiration such as one of my photographs—I’ve been doing photography for years—or maybe a sketch, painting, or even a simple concept. Following that, I carefully craft a detailed description of the artwork that I want to create and then give it to an AI art assistant program that I use

The AI art assistant skillfully combines my vision and description, generating a great art piece that closely aligns with my original idea. Sometimes that process has to be repeated many times to get it right. Afterward, I use a digital editing tool like Photoshop to fine-tune the AI-generated creation by removing any undesired elements and adding in any missing details. This is the stage where most of the creative effort happens.

Once the image meets my satisfaction, I print it in high-quality and occasionally apply acrylic paint or other finishing touches to enhance the piece further. Lastly, I professionally mat and frame the artwork, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Owning one of these amazing pieces gives you a beautiful blend of human creativity and AI magic right on your wall to enjoy forever.

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