The Best Books For Learning A New Skill

Are you looking for the best books to help you learn a new skill? Learning is an ongoing process, whether coding, drawing, or cooking. With so many incredible resources, picking just one book can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top ten best books for learning a new skill: each with its unique take on teaching and different content to cover.

So if you’re ready to expand your skill set and get creative, read on. Are you looking for the best books to help you learn a new skill? Learning is an ongoing process, whether coding, drawing, or cooking. With so many incredible resources, picking just one book can be overwhelming.  

Best Books For Learning A New Skill

The Storyteller’s Workbook by Adrienne Young and Isabel Ibañez

The Storyteller’s Workbook is an interactive guide to learning new writing skills. With prompts, exercises, and journaling activities, this book will help bring ideas to life and create a narrative that stands out. 

It’s perfect for anyone wanting to brush up on their storytelling or break into the world of fiction. The authors provide an inspirational writing approach, emphasizing character development, theme exploration, and world-building. 

Their tips will help readers craft compelling stories and unlock their creative potential. The Storyteller’s Workbook is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to learn or improve their storytelling skills. Its comprehensive overview of the process is a go-to guide for beginning writers and experienced storytellers. Whether you want to write novels, screenplays, or short stories, this book will help you start your new storytelling journey.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is an excellent resource for those looking to hone their drawing skills. Covering basics like line, shape, value, perspective, and composition, as well as more advanced topics such as facial proportions, this book will take you through each step with ease. The exercises and tutorials in this book make applying the techniques you’ve learned easy, and the drawings progress as you move forward. 

With a combination of theory and practice, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain will help readers master their drawing skills quickly. It also is a great reference for those looking to learn more about visual perception and how our brains process art. Whether a beginner or a seasoned artist, this book will be invaluable to your artistic journey.

Never Pay the First Bill by Marshall Allen

Never Pay the First Bill by Marshall Allen is a great resource for anyone looking to save money. With simple and easy-to-follow advice, this book will give readers tips on negotiating lower prices and discounts. From learning how to read your bills to understanding the negotiation process, Never Pay the First Bill will help you take control of your finances. 

The author’s experience in both finance and negotiations makes this book an invaluable tool for mastering the art of saving. Each chapter clearly explains different strategies, including shopping around before buying something, understanding billing cycles, and using customer service reps as negotiators. While it might seem intimidating initially, once you start putting what you learn into practice, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save.

Half American by Matthew F. Delmont

Half American by Matthew F. Delmont is an inspiring true story about a man who overcame tremendous odds to achieve his dream of becoming an American citizen. Through interviews, anecdotes, and real-life examples, this book shines a light on the immigrant experience and shows how one man’s courage, determination, and resilience can make all the difference. 

The author brings readers along for the journey by sharing stories about his obstacles and triumphs. By sharing his story honestly and humbly, Matthew F. Delmont reveals how hard work pays off and that anything is possible if you stay focused on your goals. Half American is an uplifting read that will leave readers feeling encouraged and inspired to reach for their dreams no matter what obstacles they face.

Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes

Python Crash Course is perfect for those looking to learn computer programming quickly and efficiently. This introductory book covers the basics of coding, including variables, data types, functions, and object-oriented programming. With plenty of examples and hands-on exercises, readers can develop their coding skills quickly. 

The author’s step-by-step approach makes learning a new language easy for beginners and provides helpful tips for those with more experience. Python Crash Course is an excellent choice for anyone learning to code.

Kingdom of Characters (Pulitzer Prize Finalist) by Jing Tsu

Kingdom of Characters is a Pulitzer Prize finalist that explores culture and identity in modern China. The author examines how Chinese characters have shaped the nation’s past, present, and future through historical texts, personal stories, and first-hand accounts. Jing Tsu’s thought-provoking book takes readers on a journey to discover what it means to be Chinese. 

By exploring themes like language, tradition, family ties, and cultural heritage, Kingdom of Characters will open your eyes to a part of history you may not have known. This captivating work shines a light on China’s rich history and the many ways characters shape our lives today.

The Nature of Life and Death by Patricia Wiltshire

The Nature of Life and Death is a fascinating look at the science behind life, death, and everything. Through expert interviews, Patricia Wiltshire explores the big questions about mortality: What does it mean to be alive? How do our brains work? 

How does aging affect our bodies? The Nature of Life and Death offers readers an intriguing journey into the unknown as they explore some of life’s most profound mysteries. With compelling storytelling and engaging illustrations, this book takes readers on a thought-provoking journey that will leave them feeling moved and inspired.

Let’s Make Dumplings! by Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan

Let’s Make Dumplings! is a delightful cookbook for anyone looking to make delicious dumplings. Written by two seasoned chefs, this book offers step-by-step instructions on making various dumpling recipes. From traditional Chinese styles like wontons and shu mai to creative varieties such as potato pierogies and cheese ravioli, Let’s Make Dumplings. 

Provides readers with an array of options. With plenty of colorful illustrations and mouthwatering photos, this book will have you cooking delicious dishes in no time. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced chef, Let’s Make Dumplings is the perfect addition to your kitchen library.

Major Labels by Kelefa Sanneh

Major Labels deeply delves into the music industry and explores how record labels shape what we listen to. This book, written by renowned journalist Kelefa Sanneh, examines how major labels have become powerful gatekeepers of music culture and why it matters for independent musicians. 

Major Label is an engaging read that will give readers insight into the business side of the music industry. With detailed interviews and thoughtful analysis, this book thoroughly explains how record labels work and how they influence popular music.

The Art of Gratitude by Karen Salmansohn

The Art of Gratitude is an inspiring read for anyone looking to cultivate more gratitude and joy. Through simple step-by-step exercises, readers will learn powerful techniques for incorporating gratitude into their daily routines. 

Karen Salmansohn’s upbeat writing style makes The Art of Gratitude enjoyable and informative. With plenty of helpful tips on creating a positive mindset, taking inspired action, and living purposefully, this uplifting book will empower readers to change their lives.


Can you learn a skill from a book?

Yes, it is possible to learn a skill from a book. Reading books on the subject is a great way to gain knowledge and insight into the chosen skill. A book can provide step-by-step instructions, examples, and illustrations to help you practice and master the skill. Reading different books on the same topic can give you different perspectives and techniques that you can use to improve your skills.

Is reading a skill or talent?

Reading is both a skill and a talent. Becoming an adept reader takes practice and dedication, while some people have a natural talent for reading that helps them comprehend material quickly. Becoming a good reader requires honing your focus and concentration, understanding context clues, and increasing your vocabulary. Developing these skills can help you become an excellent reader.

What reading level is Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter books are written at a fourth to sixth-grade reading level. Although the stories contain more complex themes, the writing style is accessible and engaging for readers of all ages. The language used in the books may be challenging for younger readers, but the complexity of the themes makes it an enjoyable read for adults.

What is the highest level of reading?

The highest level of reading is comprehending complex texts. This involves understanding the main idea of a text, making inferences from the material, and using critical thinking skills to make connections between ideas. It also requires deciphering difficult vocabulary and being able to analyze an argument or topic in depth. Reaching this level of reading takes practice and dedication.

What grade is good for reading?

Reading comprehension skills develop in kindergarten and continue to improve throughout grade school. By the time a student reaches fifth grade, they should be able to read complex texts and understand the nuances of language. However, every child develops at their own pace, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. A good reading level for each individual depends on age and skill level.


The journey to a new skill can be difficult and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right resources, such as these great books, anyone can explore and develop skills in new areas. It may take time, patience, guidance, and practice, but anything is achievable with enough dedication and enthusiasm. Learning a new skill can provide a sense of accomplishment that will positively shape your life. So get out there, step outside your comfort zone, and find the best books for learning a new skill today.

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