What strategies can artists use to sell their artwork?

Creating artwork is an incredibly liberating experience; it allows us to express ourselves in meaningful ways and push our artistic limits.

But for many artists, selling their work can be as challenging as creating it. With so much competition, how do you ensure your artwork stands out?

In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies artists can use to help their art reach the right audience and find its way into buyers’ homes.

From pricing models to advertising tactics, I’ll provide insight on how to succeed in art sales. Let’s get started!

Use social media to promote and market your artwork. 

Social media has become a powerful tool for artists to reach potential customers and promote artwork.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter enable you to create a strong online presence that allows you to network with other artists, showcase your work, connect with buyers and curators, and share your stories.

You can use these platforms to engage with followers by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your work, offering exclusive discounts or promotions for followers, and posting relevant content related to your art.

Post regularly and monitor the best time to schedule posts so they reach the maximum number of people. Social media platforms also allow you to advertise directly to potential customers.

You can reach specific people interested in your artwork using targeted ads and campaigns.

Create an attractive portfolio of your work to showcase it 

It should include selecting your best works that reflect your artwork’s overall style and quality. 

Additionally, provide an overview of what you offer as an artist, such as the mediums and techniques you use, any awards or recognition you have received, commissions you’ve completed, or publications that feature your work.

Another strategy is joining art associations or galleries specializing in showcasing artwork. This will help expand your network and provide more opportunities for potential buyers to discover your work.

Another option is to participate in open studios, art fairs, and local events to meet customers in person and show off your work. 

Consider offering workshops or classes where people can interact with your artwork and learn more about your creative process.

Finally, building a strong presence online can be beneficial to selling your artwork. You can create social media accounts that showcase your work or have an online shop for customers to purchase it directly.

Create a website and blog to feature your art. 

Having a website or blog is essential in today’s digital world. When viewers search for your artwork online, you want them to find your online portfolio.

An up-to-date website and blog allow potential buyers to learn more about you as an artist, see examples of your work, and contact you if they want to purchase.

Apply to art shows and other events. 

Applying to various art shows, festivals, fairs, or other local events is a great way to get your work out there and make sales.

Of course, you’ll need an application fee for most events and a few requirements, such as correctly framing your artwork and having adequate lighting.

When attending events, bring business cards and other marketing materials so viewers can follow up with you later if they want to purchase your work.

Attend networking events & conferences. 

Networking is key for artists looking to sell their artwork. Attending art-related conferences, meetups, and workshops allows you to meet potential buyers, other artists, and industry professionals that can help grow your business.

In addition, these events are a great way to keep up with the latest trends in the art world and make valuable contacts along the way.

Reach out to galleries and art shows in your area. 

Once you’ve refined and polished your artwork, consider looking into local galleries and art shows in your area as potential places to showcase and sell your work. 

Many cities have a vibrant arts community with many opportunities for artists to exhibit their works and gain exposure.

Many of these exhibitions may be juried, meaning that you may need to submit your artwork to be evaluated before it can be accepted for display. 

Read the submission guidelines carefully to ensure you provide all required materials and meet any deadlines.

In addition, some galleries may take a commission on any sales made from exhibiting at their venue; look into this ahead of time so you know what percentage of your profits will be taken as a fee.

Hold exhibitions or other events for people to view and purchase your artwork. 

This is a great way to engage with potential art collectors and buyers and get free publicity.

Create an online portfolio or website to showcase your artwork. 

With an online presence, you can reach people worldwide who may be interested in purchasing your artwork.

Develop relationships with galleries or other art dealers interested in selling your artwork.

Set up an online store to sell prints, postcards, and other reproductions of your work. This is a great way to reach a wider audience and generate additional income from your artwork.

Utilize social media sites to promote and share your artwork. This can help you reach a larger audience and increase the chances of selling your artwork.

Create newsletters and other promotional materials to market your work to potential buyers or galleries.

Participate in art fairs and exhibitions to show off your artwork. This is a great way for people to see what you have to offer and network with other artists and art enthusiasts.

Research popular online art-selling platforms like Etsy or Saatchi Art and list your artwork there.

Using a platform dedicated to connecting artists with buyers, you can expand your reach and increase the chances of selling your artwork.

Additionally, these platforms often provide helpful tools to optimize search engine visibility for your work and connect with potential customers.

Another way to sell artwork is to create an online portfolio or website that displays all of your works in a visually appealing format. Include high-resolution images of each pie and detailed information about each work.

This will give potential buyers a better understanding of the pieces and help you showcase your art in its best light.

Social media can also be a great tool for artists to reach out to their target audience and make connections that could eventually lead to sales.

Use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote your artwork by posting images of the pieces, engaging with other artists, and sharing insights about the creative process.

Networking is also necessary for artists looking to get their work out there. Attend art events and meet-ups toto build relationships with gallery owners, curators, and potential buyers interested in investing in your pieces.


How can artists sell their art?

Developing and maintaining an online presence through social media accounts, websites, blogs, and galleries. This allows potential buyers to engage with your work and easily contact you for sales inquiries.

What is the best way to sell your art?

List the best way to sell art will depend on the individual artist; some strategies that many artists use include selling online through platforms such as Etsy and eBay, exhibiting their work in local galleries or events, attending art fairs and markets to showcase their work; setting up a website or social media accounts dedicated to their artwork; and networking with other artists.

What are some of the art techniques used by artists?

Ops, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and digital art are some techniques artists use to create their artwork. Each technique has its unique aspects, such as materials used and methods employed, which can be utilized in interesting ways to create something original.

How do I get people to buy my art?

Promotion plays an important role in getting people to buy your art. Utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share images of your artwork and connect with new audiences. 

Participate in art fairs and exhibitions to showcase your work in person; attending conventions or conferences is another great way to reach potential customers.


This article has given you a better understanding of the key strategies that artists can use to sell their artwork. From creating an online presence and developing connections in the art community to marketing through social media and selling prints – there are several ways for artists to make money from their work. With careful research and planning, anyone can become successful in the world of art sales.

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