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Hi, I'm Donald Keith (called Don by most). I have been interested in art and photography since a young age - even before my first art and photography classes in college back in the 1960's. Both art and photography were pretty much a spectator sport and just a hobby ( sometimes time consuming and expensive, but still just a hobby) over most of my life. I come from a heritage of artistic talents on both my maternal and paternal sides of my family. Some of my most cherished artistic treasures are those from close relatives past and present. As the father of six children and now many grandchildren, the creative and photo opportunities over the decades have been many and fun filled. I have always enjoyed nature and the outdoors. I have lived near, hiked and photographed and enjoyed immensely, much of the Canadian Rockies, the gorgeous San Juan Islands in the North West, the Rocky Mountains of Utah and the amazing colorful red rock country and canyons of southern Utah and Nevada. I have also lived and loved the incredible beauty of the Atlantic North East where in New York and New Jersey the bursting color of the red, purple, orange and florescent yellows of the hardwoods in the fall are absolutely stunning. I have seen fantastic breathtaking scenery all over the USA as well as being able to enjoy some of the countless wonders and awe inspiring vistas of remote Mexican Beaches, and mountains, lakes, shorelines and landscapes of France, Switzerland and Italy. I have also learned to love the amazing diversity this world offers in climate, terrain, landscape, animals, and (most importantly), the people from all walks of life and a wide spectrum of personalities. For the last 10 years or so I have had a chance to express these interests more formally and focus on my artistic self more seriously. Just within the last decade, have I decided to share, display and sell some of my pieces to the public - rather than keeping them to the realm of friends and family. I hope you find enjoyment and smiles as you peruse the site here. Perhaps you will take some of these pieces home to bring you and your loved ones some visual food for eternal smiles. In any case I wish for you, great blessings of beauty and peace on your journey in this amazing life ! Just For Fun, I'll share one of my poems with you in case you like that form of art too. When © by Don Keith 8-28-2001 When the sky is blue and the sun is shining, And life is sweet and no one's whining, When the computer works and the calls go through, And the lights turn green and the car's still new, When the shirts are pressed and the socks are matched, And the house is clean and the door was latched, When it's not too hot and it's never too cold, And the flowers grow and the junk gets sold, When the grass stays green and always is cut, And the neighbors are nice and control their mutt, When stores have no lines and you find what you need, And it costs you nothing – your children to feed, When the family's healthy and you're all feeling good, And you look in the mirror and see what you should, When everyone loves you and thinks that you're smart, And you've got lots of money and joy in your heart, When the night is warm and the moon is full, And the world's happy and you're in control, When your music plays and no one is screaming, Then, you're not living, friend – you're dreaming.

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